In the scientific community, the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute Department of Dentistry stands out as highly advanced in the study of and research into the most common and difficult dental pathologies.

The dental pathology is always treated by putting the most updated and proven scientific research alongside the clinical result. For our clinic, research represents a fundamental opportunity of study to provide the best possible treatment for the patient.

In addition, all the clinical and scientific activity addresses the external professional colleague who wants to be updated on the most modern and efficacious methods. This takes place through the many congresses, the important teaching activity in the University of Milan with the specialised courses and various meetings where dentists from the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute are invited as speakers.

Clinical activities

The main pathologies treated are:

  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery with high aesthetic value
  • Resective and Regenerative Osseo-Periodontal Surgery
  • Fixed prostheses on natural teeth, including using CAD-CAM methods
  • Surgical treatment of dysodontiasis of the teeth
  • Treatment of edentulism with the insertion of osseo-integrated implants
  • Advanced techniques to increase bone volume for implant purposes
  • Immediate load implant treatment
  • Endodontic surgery with magnification instruments
  • Microscopic endodontics

Clinical areas
The department is divided into three clinical areas: Dentistry, Children’s Dentistry, Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation. Read more...

The Clinic is today the only place in Italy, and one of the few in Europe, where a number of complex rehabilitation therapies are carried out, in particular on endosseous implants.