Patient area

Health and physical well-being are two essential aspects for everyone. Our clinical activity places the human relationship at the centre. Collaboration between the medical personnel and patients allows reaching the best treatment result and represents for us an aspect to be emphasized in clinical practice. This is why the treatment plans decided by the doctors on the basis of the best therapeutic possibilities are always discussed, motivated and shared with the patient.

Friendship begins with a smile

Patients are welcomed to the Dental Department of the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute with a smile of friendship and they leave with a smile of satisfaction. Our facilities are highly advanced in the techniques and technologies used and some of the best practitioners of the profession work here. The objective we set is to create a relationship of trust with the patient, which lasts in time to become the point of reference for both the simplest and the most complex work alike.

At the clinic we carry out specialist examinations by appointment and emergency treatment of toothache or inflammation. We also prevent and treat diseases of the teeth (decay) and gums (gingivitis and periodontitis) and all the problems related to chewing, the condition of the teeth and painful joints. Our activities also include in particular oral rehabilitation of patients using traditional prostheses and on implants, including with periodic maintenance plans.

Prevention - Self-diagnosis is not a good method of looking after yourself. Periodic check-ups and visits to your dentist are still the best and only way to prevent diseases of the teeth or mouth and for the correct treatment.

The treatment is provided both within the Regional Health Service and privately.

Treatment is by appointment only by telephone or in person to the reception.