Research activity in the clinic includes all sectors of dentistry. In particular, the Department has attained objectives of excellence in the implant, orthodontic, endodontic and periodontic fields.

The outstanding scientific and academic vocation of the Department is a constant stimulus for research and a unique opportunity to evaluate all the clinical activities carried out
The patient is constantly involved in the motivation of the research protocols applied.

Dr. Massimo Del Fabbro coordinates all the scientific and research activities. The main lines of scientific research for the various clinical areas are as follows.


regeneration of the periodontal tissues; evaluation of the risk factors for periodontal disease; comparison of the different methods in muco-gingival surgery.


evaluation of the immediate load protocol in different clinical situations; biology of osseointegration; methods to promote bone regeneration; evaluation of biomaterials for bone grafts; evaluation of implant surfaces.


efficacy of bone substitutes and membranes in the treatment of large periapical lesions; endodontic surgery vs. orthograde endontics in retreatment; evaluation using the SEM of the effects of ultrasound instruments on the dentine structure; evaluation of nickel-titanium instruments with a finite element analysis model; evaluation of the utility of the endoscope in endodontic surgery; evaluation of biomaterials for root canal filling and apical sealing.


study of the mechanical behaviour of steel and SMA palatal arches by numerical simulation (finite element analysis).

Disclosure - The results of the scientific research conducted at the Department of Dentistry are disclosed to colleagues through countless articles in specialized Italian and international journals and through attendance at conferences and congresses by our representatives.

> Head of division:
Dr. Massimo Del Fabbro

Collaboration with other specialisations, Maxillo-Facial surgery, Neurology, Orthopaedics and Vascular Surgery, allow an approach to the complex patient.

Based on the criteria of quality certification, the procedures performed in the Department of Dentistry are subjected to process audits. Read more...