The Department of Dentistry of the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute is structured according to criteria of excellence in all the fundamental sectors of a modern hospital. The high level of the facilities where care is offered can be seen immediately. For this reason it can be defined in different ways, together contributing to raising the standard of quality offered by the clinic.

A sterile clinic
The dental clinic of the Galeazzi is highly innovative. It has nine dental units, an operating room, a multimedia laboratory and two waiting rooms. The clinic has been designed like a large operating theatre, from which it has also borrowed the same materials to offer a very high level of sterilization.

A technological clinic

The clinic has highly advanced instruments and materials. In the wards the best technologies offered today by the industry are used, guaranteeing standard and complex treatment, on an equal footing with the few centres of very great excellence throughout Europe.

A green clinic

The Department of Dentistry is a “green” clinic: no materials that are harmful for the environment are used and only materials that have been proven as safe for patients are used, for example, the use of amalgam is prohibited. Minimum invasiveness is also guaranteed by the X-rays systems, which are completely digital and a double sterilisation system offers the maximum guarantee for the health and safety of patients.

A computerized clinic
The management of each case is also completely automated from the administrative point of view, in order to accelerate all the passages of information between dentists, each of whom has their own workstation with a personal computer. Each ward has professional software created ad hoc for data analysis and processing.

Quality - The Department of Dentistry has ISO 9001:2000 certification (known as Vision 2000) guaranteeing the continuous search for quality in care, in processes and customer satisfaction. It was also awarded the prestigious certification of the American Joint Commission in 2005.

All the material is sterilized both in the clinic with a type B autoclave with a fractioned vacuum system and at central hospital level.

Digital radiography
The Clinic is also the site of development for innovative digital radiovideography apparatus in cooperation with private partners.